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Committee Goal

We are fortunate at Stanford to have so many bright and talented faculty, students, staff, and alumni in our community. Our Academic Intellectual Committee creates programs and events that encourage students to delve into their passions and broaden their world view. Their programs foster engaging discussion as well as collaborative peer learning. This committee acknowledges that much of our students' learning happens outside of the classroom by building an intellectual community with each other. They are always working on ways to enhance and continue our initiatives. The following are just some of the programs dedicated to students intellectual development:

Fall Quarter

  • The Ernest Houston Johnson Scholars program (EHJS) which creates avenues for black frosh to learn about the history of Black life at Stanford. This program also allows them to develop relationships with continuing undergraduates and graduate students, as well as Black faculty and staff. Often, these connection develop into meaningful mentorships. The committee creates the agenda and runs each class, mentor up to 8 students, and grade assignments. 

Winter / Spring Quarters

  • Intellectual Roundtables provide students with an opportunity to engage in honest, small group, discussions with faculty and staff on hot topics in academia. The topics range from discussing global conflicts to debriefing significant pop cultural moments like Black Panther. The committee takes responsibility for planning and running the roundtables.