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Black Graduation Committee

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2022 Black Graduation
(Plus Class of 2020 and 2021)

Our Black Graduation Committee plans our annual ceremony and celebration. Our The Black Graduation Celebration is an annual event held in June to commemorate the many achievements of Stanford's graduating students with family and friends. In conjunction with the traditional commencement, it is meant to celebrate the long tradition of cultural awareness at Stanford. Our ceremony is open to undergraduate and graduate students. 

Over the past 40+ years, this event has grown in attendance to more than 1,500 family, friends, faculty, staff and alumni. An integral part of the ceremony includes a family member joining their graduate on stage to place a Kente Cloth around their shoulders when their name and degree are called.

Winter & Spring Quarter (January through June)

  • The committee uses two quarters to plan Black Graduation. In addition to planning the ceremony, they host information sessions and one senior gathering.