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Work at the Black Community Services Center (BCSC)

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Work at the Black Community Services Center 

The Black Community Services Center (BCSC), affectionately called "The Black House" ! focuses on the holistic development of our students, all of which aligns with our five pillars that include the following: academic / intellectual, alumni engagement, community building, leadership development, and mental health and well-being. All programming assistants and interns join BCSC committees that work on programming and initiatives that align with our five pillars. 

Upcoming Application Cycles

Apply to be a Programming Assistant

BCSC Programming Assistants start work fall quarter and most stay on until the end of the school year. They are the main engine of the BCSC, and allow us to create relevant programs for Black students at Stanford. In addition to our major programs, Programming Assistants work in committees to create 1-2 programs per quarter. 

Next application cycle: Spring 2023

Apply to be an Intern

BCSC interns help organize and run Black Liberation Month, Black Graduation, the Community Awards, our outreach programs, and our social media. Our social media intern will also help us with our archives. Interns will be assigned to one of our committees to help with their quarterly goals and learn the ropes at the BCSC. 

Next application cycle: Oct-Nov 2023