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Fall Quarter - Black @ Stanford 

We design our fall quarter curriculum to reinforce our students' sense of belonging at Stanford. 

Winter Quarter - Utopia Project

Winter quarter asks our scholars to work in groups to imagine a Black Utopia. This project allow them to think about the type of future they want to create. 

  • We hire a cohort of undergraduate and graduate students to mentor each group of scholars. Click here to learn about our EHJS mentors. 
  • Two more faculty or staff members share their testimonies about their careers and passions. 
  • We have them attend at least one Black Liberation Month event as way to destress and be in community during February. 
  • Their final is a news report that shares all the information about their utopia with the class. 

Spring Quarter - Skill building

Spring quarter is focused on skill building. Our undergraduate and graduate mentors lead a series of workshops and presentations that prepare our scholars for the next stage of their undergraduate careers.