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What's Happening Black Stanford? 

In 2022, The Black Community Services Center started a calendar to uplift events centering Blackness and Black folx at Stanford during Black Liberation month. Our community came through and populated the calendar with so many amazing events that we decided to turn the Black Liberation Month Calendar into the Black Community Calendar! So if your event centers Blackness and Black people, post it on our calendar. Help us make this the #1 place for Stanford to know what's happening in our community. Scroll past the calendar to see events sponsored by the Black Community Services Center. 

Follow these Instructions to Add Events to the Black Community Calendar

  • Create a calendar invite in a Google Calendar/Microsoft Outlook/ Apple iCal compatible application and invite to it.
  • Check the event time, including the time zone.
  • Fill out the venue or Zoom link properly such that anyone can find the event.
  • Include a statement in your event description with your who (is hosting/sponsoring– write out your acronyms) what (is the purpose of the event) why (are you excited for the event) and alternatives (if things change, what is the backup plan).

That’s it! After you follow these steps your event will appear on the BCSC Community Calendar!

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