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Lemons to Lemonade
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Dear Family,

As we make our way back to campus, we have quickly been reminded that certain mindsets have not changed since our departure in March 2020. That to many, Black lives simply do not matter. But something has shifted: Stanford University. Before, we would have had to wait to hear some sibilance of support from our beloved institution. But as quickly as many of you saw/felt the disrespect, Stanford was working to handle the situation. Please know things are not completely figured out just yet, but there are some dedicated people (our staff included) who are working on this with grace and respect for us. 

In the meantime, see this incident for what it is: a distraction. We are coming back to campus understanding that things have not fully changed— but change is happening and will continue to come. Be well and rested in their face. Be strong and connected to each other in their face. And if you cannot muster that will, then prepare yourself to get the support (CAPS and Well-being Coaches BEAM, HUME, just to name a few) you need to thrive through this next quarter, the school year, and beyond! 

As we gear up for the start of the fall quarter be on the lookout for communication regarding reopening of the physical Black House.Here’s a little sneak peek:

New Student Orientation: Community Welcome, Sept 14th, virtual

New Student Orientation BROC Kick Back, Sept 19th, in-person

Reunion Weekend, Oct 21st - 23rd, mixed virtual and in-person 

In Solidarity for Our Greatness, 

Black Community Services Center 

Dr. Roz, Dom + BCSC Staff

Black House Statement of Support

Following the senseless murder of George Floyd (and the nameless others whose liveshave been lost due to the nonstop police brutality in this country), the Black Community Services Center has released a Statement of Support


The Black Community Services Center embodies inclusive excellence through partnering with and educating the Stanford community about the contributions of the African Diaspora, while ensuring that students can thrive and reach their full potential

Our 5 core pillars:

  • Academic / Intellectual
  • Community Building
  • Alumni Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

Welcome Class of 2025!

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