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Welcome to the Black Community Services Center

Black House Statement of Support

Following the senseless murder of George Floyd (and the nameless others whose lives have been lost due to the nonstop police brutality in this country), the Black Community Services Center has released a Statement of Support

COVID-19 Update

To the Community:

We hope you are taking care of yourselves and taking the necessary precautions to stay as safe and healthy as can be given the continuing developments and updates with COVID-19. We understand that folks are feeling uncertain and overwhelmed given the rapidly evolving nature and reports of COVID-19 and its impact on the many facets of our lives. We're writing to share some updates regarding the Black House in light of all that's happening.

Several counties in the Bay Area, including Santa Clara and San Mateo, have announced a “shelter in place” beginning March 17, 2020 through April 7, 2020 to assist with containing the spread of COVID-19. Beginning March 17, 2020 the Black House will be closed . As always, Dr. Roz and Christian are here as a resource for you if you need support or assistance, so please reach out if you need anything. They will be working remotely and can be reached via email (and Zoom) and also at

- BCSC Staff



The Black Community Services Center embodies inclusive excellence through partnering with and educating the Stanford community about the contributions of the African Diaspora, while ensuring that students can thrive and reach their full potential

Our 5 core pillars:

  • Academic / Intellectual

  • Community Building

  • Alumni Engagement

  • Leadership Development

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events currently scheduled.