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Cultural Organizations

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Black Student Union (BSU)

Black Student Union logo

Stanford's Black Student Union (BSU) is a social, cultural, and political organization primarily concerned with the continual improvement of life for Black students at Stanford. Originally founded in 1967, the BSU has been instrumental in spurring many imaginative changes in the Black community.

Stanford African Students Association (SASA)

SASA logo

Stanford African Students' Association. We are a student organization committed to promoting awareness about the African continent, and fostering cultural and social ties with people of African descent and those interested in African and around the Stanford community.

Caribbean Students Association (CSA)

CSA logo

The Caribbean Students Association (CSA) was revived on Stanford's campus in 1991. CSA has embarked on an educational campaign to foster awareness and involvement in Caribbean affairs.

Stanford Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Association (SEESA)

SEESA logo

The Stanford Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Association aims to create community for students who identify with Eritrea and Ethiopia, and the greater Horn of Africa. We also aim to increase awareness of our community, our culture, and our contemporary successes and challenges on the Continent and in the Diaspora. Follow us on Instagram @stanford_seesa!

Nigerian Students Association (NAIJA)

NAIJA logo

NAIJA seeks to educate and celebrate the deep beauty of Nigeria's diverse culture and heritage to fellow Stanford students and neighboring communities.

Akwaaba Ghanaian Students Association

Akwaaba logo

The goal of Akwaaba is enlighten the Stanford community about the rich heritage, culture and current state (e.g. political and social climate) of Ghana.