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One Hub, Not THE HUB! 

The Black Community Services Center is one of the Hubs of Black life and culture at Stanford. Beyond providing programming and services to Black students, faculty, and staff, we are committed to letting you all know how to connect with each other. Check out the links on the left too see the organizations and departments at Stanford ready to support your academic and social growth! 

Want to be included on our resource page? Soon you'll be able to complete a form to have your organization added to our 'Resources' page. We are giving space for departments and organizations focused on helping Black students navigate Stanford through direct programming and initiatives. We update 'Resources' by the end of every month. 

The form will ask for the following information...

Organization / Department Name Include your full name and any acronyms or nick names 
Small Blurb What are some of your mission and goals? What are some events or programs associated with your organization or department? 
Audience Is your primary audience undergrads, graduate students, staff, faculty, or a combination? 
Contact information How can people get in contact with your organization or department? Share listserv, social media handles, email addresses, and or hours of operation.