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BVSO Resources

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Welcome! We are working to make this a central place for funding opportunities, calendars, templates, and general support resources for Black Volunteer Student Organizations. Email Dr. Maya Iverson-Davis if you don't see a helpful resource. 

Places to Discuss Your Organization, Programs, and Events! 

BCSC Office Hours for BVSOs

Dr. Maya Iverson-Davis will be your contact at the Black Community Services Center. This is Dr. Maya's second year working at Stanford. Please connect with her! She's excited to meet you all this year and learning more about your organizations. Click here to arrange a time to meet! 

Dom Johnson, MSW, LCSW will also be holding office hours for BVSOs by appoint. Dom is leading BCSC's efforts to develop a a comprehensive leadership model and training. The model will be rooted in Blackness and will serve as a way to make sure we are serving our community in the most effective way possible, while providing skills to help you all reflect on what leadership means and grow from there. Their office hours will be a great opportunity to check-in! 

Dom's office hours are Wednesdays, 4-6pm by appointment. 

Office of Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement is an incredible resource! Click here to visit there website. 

Staying Connected

BVSO Contact List 

The Black Community Services Center collects contact information from all BVSOs. We use this list to send directed communication to all BVSO leaders. Click here to add your BVSO to our 2023 contact list

Community Calendar

Include your events on our Community Calendar! Our calendar allows our community to see your event within 1-2 days of submission. It's also a great resource for minimizing the number of community events scheduled for the same day.  Click here to access the Community Calendar and submit your event! 

Cardinal Engage

Make sure you are checking Cardinal Engage for upcoming events. This will give you an idea of what will be happening during your event and perhaps help you avoid busy days and times. Click here to access Cardinal Engage

Event Spaces 

The Office of Student Engagement 

Become familiar with The Office of Student Engagements best practices for picking and reserving spaces on campus. Click here to visit the venue section of their website for up to date information and tips. 

Black Community Services Center 

The Black Community Services Center offers event and meeting space for all volunteer student organizations.  The Henry and Monique Brandon Family Community Room and Anne Pogue-Campbell & Llyod E. Campbell Community Deck are great spaces for events. Volunteer Student Organizations are only charged for equipment use as long as the room is clean when they leave and there is no damage to the space. If you fail to follow our cleaning check-list,  your organization will be charged the full rental fee. Click here to reserve space the Black Community Services Center! There is no charge for BVSO general meetings. 

Tresidder Friday and Saturday Night Program 

Tresidder will allow you to host events in The Oak Lounge and the adjoining Llbby at Tresidder Memorial Union on Fridays and Saturdays for an $800 deposit. You can host events from 6pm-2am. They will return the deposit after they confirm you left the event space clean and back in it's original layout. Click here to learn more about Tresidder's Program. This page includes step by step instructions on how to use this program. 

Tresidder Memorial Union

Tresidder offers free meeting spaces for students. They handle events in Tresidder Memorial Union, Old Union Complex, White Plaza, and more. They charge a fee for event spaces, but this might be a good option if you need AV, catering, and room set-up. Click here to learn more about meetings and events at Tresidder!

Know About Your Finances

The Office of Student Engagement has a wonderful page called Get Money! It has resources for how to manage and track your finances. There's also a section on free and affordable resources and equipment you can use around campus. There are other sections on where to find on and off campus funding.   Click here to Get Money!

Mind over Money is a great resource for thinking holistically about your organization's finances. We are working with them to create a program for Volunteer Student Organizations. Email Dr. Maya with suggestions for what we should include in the workshop. 

The Black Community Services reserves funds every quarter to support Black Volunteer Student Organization's events and programming. We recommend applying early. Contact us in fall quarter if you need funding for spring. We will have limited funding available in spring. Click here to learn more and apply for funding. 


Our leadership and development team created a Handbook to serve as a resource guide for BVSO's. It has templates you can use and other great tips for caring for yourself and your organizations. Everything is housed in our BVSO drive. Leaders for all registered BVSOs have access to the drive.