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2022 Recipients

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Congratulations to our 2022 Academic and Community Awards Recipients!

The Shanta Annan Memorial Award (2022 Recipient:  Ellie Alexander): Selected by The Program in African and African American Studies, The Shanta Annan Memorial Award is given for outstanding performance by a Freshman in an African and African American Studies Course at Stanford University. Shanta Annan was an outstanding freshman. Prior to her passing in the Fall 2004 in her Freshman year, she made a significant impact on the lives of students, faculty, and staff with whom she had connected. This award honors her memory and talent.

Condoleezza Rice Prize (2022 Recipient: Kayla Williams, Political Science): Selected by the Black Staff Alliance, this award is presented to a woman senior student for outstanding academic achievement in public policy, international relations, or political science. The Black Staff Alliance (fr. African American Staff Group) created this award when Rice departed Stanford for the White House. The student will receive a $200.00 prize.

BCSC Esteemed Scholar  (2022 Recipient: Bryanna Godfrey, Human Bio): Selected by the BCSC, this award is presented to a graduating student who holds a 3.9 and above GPA and has also engaged in research during their tenure at Stanford

Mary and Jacquelyn Edmonds Prize ( 2022 Recipients | Madison Ambroise / Deba Elaiho, Human Bio + Mya Vinnett, Communications: Selected by the Human Biology and Communications departments, this award. is presented to one outstanding student majoring in Human Biology and another majoring in Communication. This award is made possible by a generous donation from Mary Edmonds, former Vice Provost for Student Affairs and her daughter Jacquelyn Edmonds. Recipients will receive a $200.00 scholarship.

Vice Provost of Graduate Education & Black Community Services Center Distinguished Scholar Award 
(2022 Recipient Abisola Kusimo): Selected by the Black Community Services Center and Vice Provost of Graduate Education, this award is presented to a graduate student who has demonstrated exceptional academic and intellectual achievement through cutting edge research in a particular field of study. The ideal candidate for this award represents scholarly excellence at Stanford and serves as an academic role model to fellow students

Black Diaspora Fellowship Recipient(s) (2022 Recipient Hodan Farah, Bio and AAAS Minor, Muslim Wellness Foundation, Philadelphia, PA): Selected by the Black Community Services Center and the Haas Center for Public Service partnership, this fellowship enables students to participate in a practicum working with a nonprofit organization or government agency on social, political and/or economic issues affecting Black American communities. Students will have an in-depth learning experience that will foster an opportunity to apply what they have learned in and out of the classroom about race, diversity, equity and social justice. The Black Diaspora Fellows spend a summer working full-time with a supervisor/mentor in a community organization of their choice.

Community Awards

Ira D. Hall Service Award (2022 Recipient: Maya HumesB.A. Class of 2014): Selected by the Black Community Services Center in consultation with Stanford Black Alumni, this award is presented to a Stanford alumnus under 30 years old, who has shown extraordinary commitment to social justice, community organizing, and public service in a local, national, and / or global context. This award is named after Ira D. Hall, a Trustee Emeritus of Stanford University 

Harold K. Boyd Student Leadership Award (2022 Recipient: Arielle Williams): Selected by the Black Community Services Center, this award is presented in honor of Harold K. Boyd, Stanford University’s first Black Assistant and Associate Dean of Students. In recognition of his leadership, the award is presented to a senior with a 3.5 GPA or above who has held key leadership positions in one or more BVSOs and shown sustained commitment to the Black Community at Stanford

Community Awards determined by Vote

Nominees for the following awards are chosen by our student, faculty, and staff community. The nominating committee will review these nominations and determine the final winner of each award. The Academic Community Awards Committee is a part of the nominating committee. 

Dr. St. Clair Drake Teaching Award (2022 Recipients: Brittany Hull - Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric & Aileen Robinson - Assistant Professor, Theater and Performance Studies): This award is presented to a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in teaching. The ideal candidate for this award has inspired students intellectually and demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the intellectual vitality / academic environment of the Black community

Professional Staff Mentor Award (Recipient: Ashante Johnson, Student Services Officer, African and African American Studies): This award is presented to a professional staff member or administrator who has provided outstanding support for students through advising, mentoring, coaching and or research

Frosh Award of Excellence (2022 Recipient: Mikayla Tillery): This award is presented to a Frosh that has demonstrated commitment to the Black community via activities including but not limited to: participating in BVSO’s, dorm council, service learning, and/or mentorship

Student Organization Leadership Award (2022 Recipients: Whitney Thomas & Darion Wallace (Grad): This award is presented to two students, an undergraduate and a graduate, who have shown exceptional leadership within their student organizations. Ideal candidates for this award are those students who have taken on various leadership roles within their organization and / or have made innovative changes in order to help their organization make a positive impact on Stanford’s Black community. 

Community Service Award (2022 Recipients: Habeeb Jimoh, Meghan Perrie Anna Hunter & Davon Robertson-Co Presidents, GSB Black Business Student Association (BBSA)): This award is presented to two students, an undergraduate and a graduate, who have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to public service. Ideal candidates for this award have dedicated time and energy to community service endeavors that have made positive contributions to individuals and / or organizations.

Arts Award (2022 Recipient: Kiara Dunbar & Lauren Howell (Grad)): This award is presented to two students, an undergraduate and a graduate, who have excelled in the area(s) of music, dance, theatre and / or visual arts. An ideal candidate for this award is someone who has pronounced dedication to the arts and has freely shared their talent to enhance the Black Community or represent the community in a positive way

Best Program / Event of the Year Award (2022 Recipient: Black Gender Marginalized Collective, Pink Party): This award is presented to a Black Volunteer Undergrad and/or Graduate Student Organization that has demonstrated exceptional collaboration skills on a program or event. Ideal candidates for this award have not only contributed financially to an event, but all groups worked together consistently from creation, coordination, and execution of the event.

BVSO of the Year Award (2022 Recipient: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Omicron Chi Chapter): This award is presented to a Black Volunteer Undergrad and/or Graduate Student Organization that has executed consistent quality programming that has impacted the community in a significant and / or unique way. Ideal nominees are organizations with consistent excellence in programming and / or organizations that have shown great improvement