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Pre-Professional Organizations

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Society of Black Scientists and Engineers (SBSE)

Society of Black Scientists and Engineers logo

SBSE has continued a long tradition of programs on Stanford's campus geared towards the successful recruitment, retention and graduation of talented and enthusiastic Black scientists and engineers. These programs include weekly corporate lunch meetings and/or workshops geared towards exposing members to various opportunities on and off campus, weekly study nights and participation in regional and national conventions with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

Stanford Black Pre-Medical Society (SBPO)

Stanford Black Pre-Medical Society logo

The Black Pre-Medical Organization (SBPO) was founded in 1971 by a group of African-American students facing similar difficulties in pre-med classes. Subsequently, they developed a study group and found strength in their unity, which has improved their academic performance.

Black Pre-Law Society (BPLS)

Black Pre-Law Society logo

The Black Pre-Law Society's (BPLS) purpose is to assist Black students in their preparation for legal careers and to provide valuable educational and social services to the Black community as a whole.

The Blackprint: Building Black Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The Blackprint logo

The Blackprint is a pre-professional organization formed with intention of connecting Black students who are interested in business, entrepreneurship, and networking with mentorship and industry insight. The Blackprint aims to support undergraduate students as they consider furthering their knowledge of business through internships, graduate school, or a career in industry after Stanford.

Black in Computer Science at Stanford

Black in Computer Science at Stanford logo

Black in Computer Science at Stanford aims to build and strengthen the growing community of Black students studying or interested in Computer Science at Stanford. We hope to facilitate the educational and professional development of Black Stanford students in tech and help combat the issues they face in the tech industry.