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Admit Weekend 2021

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Hi Prospective Frosh (ProFro's),

We are excited to welcome you to Stanford!!! Congratulations on all your hard work and accomplishments! Though this year we'll have to do so virtually, we hope to introduce you to our Stanford community. The Black community on campus is tight-knit and supportive, diverse and passionate. We know you'll fit just right in. Please stay tuned for more information on our virtual Admit Weekend activities. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to our Black Recruitment and Orientation Committee (BROC) and Black Student Union (BSU) Admit Weekend Coordinators:

Chase Swinton she/her (BROC Coordinator)

  • Chase Swinton
    Year: Sophomore
  • BVSOs: Black Student Union, Stanford Black Pre-Med Organization, Frosh 101 co-lead
  • Contact:
  • Why I wanted to be a BROC Coordinator: Coming to Stanford as a FLI student from Arkansas, I automatically felt as though I didn’t belong. However, by participating in BROC affiliated programming, I found myself welcomed into a warm, inviting community that helped ease my social transition to Stanford. I want to ensure that every freshman has ample opportunity to connect with the Black community at Stanford, to establish a home base that they can always fall back on during the demanding times of freshman year.

Gabby Crooks she/her (BROC Coordinator)

  • Gabby Crooks
    Year: Sophomore
  • VSOs: Senator with the Undergraduate Senate, Black Pre-Law Society, Community Development Chair for Stanford Women in Law
  • Contact:
  • Why I wanted to be a BROC Coordinator: I wanted to be a BROC coordinator because I loved my experience at NSO! Coming into college is always a scary experience, and I believe that having that week to experience Stanford without classes was very important in easing me into university life. The events were fun, informative, and engaging, and I want to create a similar environment for the incoming class

Caileb Travier he/him (BROC Coordinator

  • Caileb Travier
    Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Minor: Spanish
  • BVSOs: Co-Chair of Academic Excellence and Programs for SBSE, BROC
  • Contact:
  • Why I wanted to be a BROC Coordinator: I wanted to be a BROC Coordinator because I wanted to be the person that I needed when I was adjusting to Stanford. Adjusting to college is already tough, but adjusting in the middle of a pandemic at a PWI? I couldn’t even imagine having this be my first college experience. I’m hoping that the work that my fellow coordinators and I are doing will not only help them transition, but introduce them to all the resources that Stanford has to offer.